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Surface Solutions offers the most comprehensive marble floor polishing services for all kinds of commercial and residential projects in El Paso, TX. Marble is an amazing stone that is a beauty to behold for all types of flooring solutions, but it requires more maintenance than other stones, such as granite. At Surface Solutions, I can offer the best marble floor polishing solutions for all new construction, travertine, remodeling, and repair works in El Paso, TX.

The properties of marble are entirely different from granite or vitrified tiles, and marble consists of pores and soluble materials within its structure that can be exposed over time and which causes irregularities and imperfections on the surface—the primary cause for loss of shine and luster. Marble in high foot traffic areas such as homes, businesses, and offices are prone to losing its shine sooner than other installations, we also work with travertine tiles.

At Surface Solutions, I understand the differences in marble floors usage, and I properly analyze the extent of damage inflicted on the marble floor surface to determine the best solution that will help me to perform the best marble floor restoration job. I will perform a comprehensive analysis to make sure that all breakages, chips, holes, and imperfections are well taken care of.

I can also help you to improve the shine on your marble flooring by following different diamond abrasive technologies to ensure that your floor has the best shine possible. I encourage my clients to work with my team to choose the right shine that you are comfortable with. My team of experts is experienced and highly skilled in offering the best marble floor polishing service in El Paso, TX.

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