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Epoxy floor coatings are amazing flooring solutions for any type of surface, mainly marble and concrete. The process involves adding acid solution to the existing floor, known as staining, to create a thick resin that dries to form a uniform layer of hard, durable, and smooth surface. Surface Solutions has the best tools and technology for epoxy floor coatings to create excellent finished surfaces for a wide range of residential and commercial structures in El Paso, TX.

Epoxy flooring offers a high-performing top coat for all types of flooring solutions that is proven to be highly durable and tough against stains, fuel spillage, chemical reactions, and skid marks. This makes it a perfect choice for garage floor epoxy coating, as well as porches, garages, auto showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing units, and workshops. In residential projects, epoxy floor coatings are immensely popular for car garages, porches, and driveways, and are often the most sought-after flooring solution for a majority of homeowners.

Commercial floor epoxy coating is designed to offer a hard and smooth base for all types of manufacturing, repairing, assembling, and storage purposes. Epoxy floor coating has distinctive advantages, and does not require any additional flooring solutions. Epoxy floor coating can be done straight on concrete, and concrete staining is certainly the most preferred flooring solution for all commercial units.

Epoxy floor coating is also a suitable flooring solution for marble floor polishing and marble restoration. It is one of the most durable solutions for marble floor restoration, and helps in reducing the maintenance required for marble floors.

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