Concrete Repair

Concrete restoration is one of our most used services we provide!
There are a number of things that can damage concrete. It can be damaged by fire, agriculture expansion, water effects, bactieral corrosion, physical damage and chemical damage.

The first step is to figure out what is damaging the concrete so that we can prevent future damages. There are a number of things we can do to make sure of this. We help prevent further degradation, treat exposed steel, reinforce the concrete, and fill holes or fix any markings on concrete. Various techniques are always available here at Surface Solutions.

If you need concrete structures repaired, we are the best choice when it comes to concrete sealing, concrete staining, and stamped concrete! We have various techniques available, depending on how the concrete was damaged. Repair techniques can improve the strength of these structures. Some things we can do to fix such damages are:

Cathodic protection
Chloride extraction
Repair of cracks
Surface coatings
Concrete sealing
Concrete staining
Stamped concrete sealing and repair

If you have any questions on pricing or any types of repairs, please give us a call at (915) 740-3252 and we will get your repairs done as soon as possible!

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